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The CWDGA 2022 season officially opened with the Spring Meeting & Rules Seminar on May 4, 2022.
With over 118 attendees from 54 clubs, we were pleased to be able to meet once again in person
at Itasca Country Club. Thank you to all who attended and participated in the event.

The meeting highlighted the 2022 CWDGA tournament and Four-Ball Match Play events.
The Four-Ball Match Play events begin next week and continue through the end of June.
The One-Day Stroke Tournament will be held on July 7th at Bull Valley Golf Club, followed with
the Better-Ball of Pairs Tournament on July 18th at Aurora Country Club.
The Senior Better-Ball of Pairs Tournament will be played at historic McHenry Country Club on September 19th.
The 90th CWDGA Championship will be held August 8th – 10th at beautiful Butterfield Country Club.
We look forward to hosting many of you at our Tournaments this year.

We were pleased to have Robert Markionni and Jodi Ciotti from the CDGA with us at the meeting.
Robert updated us on the CDGA strategic planning process. Jodi spoke about players’
Handicap ID’s and the importance of linking this to their CDGA account.

Cherie Kessler, CWDGA Rules Chair, and Nancy Nemec, CWDGA Rules Assistant, led an excellent
Rules Seminar focused on common situations around the course including relief from penalty areas,
out of bounds, lost and unplayable balls, free relief from movable obstructions, abnormal course conditions,
and wrong greens. Conditions affecting the stroke, cleaning and substituting balls, and four-ball match play rules
were also discussed. A special thanks to Cece Durbin, past president of the Women’s Western Golf Association,
and Jodi Ciotti of the CDGA, who helped to clarify these tricky situations that seem to find all of us.